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Evan Baker

Evan Baker

Italian Opera

Evan Baker’s lectures center on the inspiration required to create
the unique artistic event that is opera. 

Modern technology, humor, and lively enthusiasm dominate Evan Baker’s opera introductions. His many lectures, publications, and upcoming book on the history of opera staging are also part of his master plan: to show the relevance of this great art to our current brave new world. The pyrotechnic excitement of the operatic experience fits today's cultural craving for larger than life entertainment.

Evan Baker, founder of Opera-Intros, received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Theatre Arts from UCLA, and a Doctorate in Performance Studies from New York University.  He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Vienna's Institute of Theater Research, where he researched staging and design at the Vienna Court Opera during Gustav Mahler’s direction (1897-1907).  

Dr. Baker has written for Opera News and contributed to the New Grove Dictionary of Opera.  He has written and lectured extensively on the history of opera and operatic stage design in Europe and the United States.

His most recent publication is from the University of Chicago Press, From the Score to the Stage: An Illustrated History of Continental Opera Production and Staging, which was awarded the Best Publication for Music and the Performing Arts 2013 by the Association of American Publishers.


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